Yeahbay, Inc. was founded in 2007 and is a privately owned corporation based in Minnesota. yeahBAY was originally founded as a website design and development company, but has introduced several additional service offerings that help business with online visibility. Clients who work with yeahBAY may notice more of a consulting approach. yeahBAY is a responsive company encompassing values from our Upper Midwest roots. When customers contact yeahBAY, one of the first things they may notice is yeahBAY is responsive and our response times are normally pretty quick. We have many clients who have dealt with yeahBAY for a number of years, after a while our clients realize we are a company that simply gets things done through our proactive approach.

Kirby Scheer, Ph.D., MBA, MM, BS

Kirby oversees the overall business functions of Yeahbay, Inc. Much of Kirby's time is focused on working with clients. Kirby has the ability to understand highly complex technical terms, systems and communicate these items in terms customers can understand. Kirby prides himself on organization, communication and making sure what is expected is delivered on time and on budget. Kirby has consulted with various businesses in many different IT functions, but his primary focus is keeping yeahBAY a proactive company designed to provide highly effective digital marketing services.

Kirby has also taught at different Universities on a part-time basis since 2002. Kirby has had the opportunity to teach many different levels of students including Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels. Kirby has also served as a member on numerous Dissertation Committees. Kirby has taught in the areas of Management Information Systems, Management of Engineering Technology, eCommerce, Marketing and Management. Teaching allows Kirby to shift gears and look at business and technology from an academic perspective, however with Kirby's experience the two compliment each other very well.

Denise Scheer, BS in Human Development and Education
Vice President 

Denise works with clients on keeping the content on their websites, videos, and digital publications new and engaging. Denise understands how an appealing and functional design attracts and engages customers. Denise's expertise goes far past design. Denise also provides clients suggestions that helps to make the digital foundation a stronger part of their business. 

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